Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No photos or creations this time......Christmas has finally caught up with me!
Even though I have done something Christmassy every day - I still have not wrapped all the gifts, still have a couple more to sort out, haven't brought the sponge for the trifle - which son #2 thinks I don't make the same as Aunty Ruth, even though it's her recipe! - and there is still the housework to do - only because little pixies do not come in while I'm at work to do it for me!

But to all my thousand of readers (yeah, right!) I hope that you all have a lovely, happy, relaxing, fun filled, Christmas, and you all stay safe over this holiday period.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I know you have all been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to see the finished result, so....


Finshed the garland - all 5 gingerbread men, all different, hand drew the faces - not my forte I must add! -

and added a couple of rubons...

...and placed them decorously - is that a word? - in the tree that P decorated.
(my camera is still acting up and there is a dark line running down the side of the photo. Why? I do not know!)

So, another Christmassy thing crossed off my list!  Several more to do though...

Tomorrow night is my work's Christmas function, and everyone drew out names from the hat for their 'secret santa'. Luck of the draw I get the receptionist -yay!, AND the big boss - not so yay.
J, the receptionist was easy - got some handcream, nail file, polish and a lil choccie bar and have wrapped it in a Christmas cracker style - complete with a snap.
A, the boss, was not so easy - but I finally found a coffee mug with 'World's Best Boss'. He'll know its a joke! I did offer to put my resignation in a frame for him - I try to quit at least once a week - and he never accepts it!

If you are interested - Warehouse Stationery have a pre-xmas sale 50% off all Christmas Essentials - wrapping paper, cards, bows etc and I managed to get some wrap, 6m length for $1.00. Yes, $1.00! And, I also managed to get some American Craft xmas ribbon for 50% off, cos after all it is a Christmas Essential! cute little brown ribbon with white gingerbread men on it, white ribbon with happy holidays, and dots!

well, off to make dinner.....beef done in the crockpot, with salad and potatoes - yummmmm.

see ya later alligator

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Starting to feel Christmassy at my house - the tree is up, decorated, nativity scenes dusted off and set up, countdown calendar is counting down the sleeps, strange shaped parcels are being hidden, ham ordered, carols being played, and I'm checking out Christmas cake recipes!

I started a new project today in my quiet time (is there such a thing in my house?) Something I purchased last year specifically for Christmas 2008, and never got around to starting, so I bit the bullet and just did it.

This kit came out last year, from NZ Scrapbooks using Kaisercraft products - 5 gingerbread men, the Christmas papers, the wood embellishments, paint, rubons and other bits & peices. I had a play, and changed a few ribbons & buttons - but basically kept it the same. I will continue to play around with those things though before I actually stick them down, and draw on the faces etc, but it is a garland to string up.  Obviously haven't finished it yet, but I plan to do so this week and have it up hanging - where, I dunno yet - but I WILL finish it. (One of my failings - and I have many - is that I start things, but don't always finish them!)

I also have to do some more cards - finished the 14 I started a couple of weeks ago. I won some blog candy a few weeks ago, and am enjoying the bits and pieces from there. But tonight, when P is in bed, I will write them up and will send them off tormorrow. I made a promise to myself on the 1 December, that I will do something Christmassy every day - and so far, I have! But real life does intrude - so P needs to go to bed, the washing folded and the dishwasher stacked, and I have a couple of auctions coming due on trademe.....


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas is coming - and every so often I surprise myself! I started a Christmas project AND finished it in the same year! And, its not even December yet!

Whilst browsing the zutterzisters site months ago I saw this cool idea, and thought I could do that. So I did. Admittedly, I did start it half way through the year, and have only just finished it, but, in my defence, I did play around with it for awhile - creating the base, redoing the santa, and choosing the Christmas papers (try getting those in June!)
Soooo - what do you think????

The original idea was posted in January 09, by Fleur Smith - although I couldn't find it on her blog, it was on the zutterzisters site. Those ladies on the zutter site are very clever, and think outside the square!
When I first started making it, I thought this would help my daughter with her counting backwards skills (trying to be a good educational mummy), and I don't actually like the commercial advent calendars (why get a piece of choccie every day until Christmas, then have nothing but choccie on Christmas) and with 4 kids, it doesn't work out to be very exciting for them to have only 3-4 pieces each (cos I would have to have a piece or two myself!).

Now that I have finished it, I can see how to improve on it, and what I would do differently next time (next time?) But, I also started my Christmas Cards for this year, and again I must reiterate, it's not even December yet! I have so far, made 14 cards, with a few more to go.
I am either super organised, (yeah right!) or I have no life...
I have been busy this weekend - I did some ironing,  tried to learn how to do a french braid (still can't do it - my fingers don't co-operate with me), baked a batch of choc chip cookies, a coffee slice, and  a chocolate cake. I also did the grocery shopping - no small feat with husband and 2 teenagers in tow, and spent....... $544.45 (and I still have NO food in the house!).
I am absolutely knackered, so I am off to crash on the couch.
Until next time...


Sunday, November 8, 2009

I decided to show some more of my CD book that I made.
I used mainly prism cardstock - but cannot remember what colours, two shades of ink - a grey and teal (from SU) and used my quickuts alpha dies (Abigail font)
The pages are 12x6 cardstock folded in half to make 6x6 pages - but the open ends are bound at the spine, so that when I turn the pages I don't see the inside of the cardstock (where there is no texture). This also reduced the number of pages in the book.

I seem to have scored craft cd's from various places - and thought this was a cool place to keep them altogether.

This last week I made some autograph albums - will be giving these to my friends 2 girls for the end of the school year. I can remember when I was at school - friends went around getting 'autographs' from other friends (by hook or by crook I'll be the last in your book). I thought this time round I up it a notch and suggest that they take a disposable camera to school and take photos of the friends to attach to their pages. Can't wait till my daughter is a couple of years older and I will get her to do this as well.
I used scraps of paper from various sources - Bella, American Crafts, K & Co, and cardstock from DCWV and SU, and a mix of apha stickers.

(why is the picture rotating like this???? it's not like this on my computer!)

Anyway, that's it from me today - must pick up number 2 son from the city (shooting practise) and pick up my brother & sister-in-law as we are going out for dinner tonite!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

I sat down today and ignored the housework and grocery shopping - guess we'll starve this coming week, but hey - I have a bit of weight to lose anyway! I pulled out my Bind-It-All and finished some projects I had started.
I finished the little recipe album for my niece:

and I made another one - improving on the original. I used some SU Old Olive cardstock/ink/eyelets and some stylier/nicer alpha stickers I had in my stash. The paper is the same - Theresa Collins. I really, really like this paper - have to think of something else to do with the leftover sheets I have.

I do prefer the second one I made - what do you think??

I also finished the binding on my CD album I started months and months ago.
I seemed to have accumulated craft CD's that are just floating around in my craft room, and by the computer, and I saw someone's blog where she made a album for her CDs. I cannot remember who, I didn't even save a picture - it was a blog I quickly scrolled through and now it bugs me that I cannot remember anything about it.

(I felt the zutter disc needed to be the first CD in the book)

I did some more stuff as well - but will post that another day. Just have to say, that I did a Christmas countdown calendar, an autograph book, and a couple of little post-it note holders.

Until next time

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I was in Spotlight on Saturday (BIG mistake!), and saw this cute American Crafts ribbon. So, I had another attempt at making a card with the same image as previously - SU Rainy Days - I tend to stamp 2-3 images, and colour them in at the same time.
I pulled out some patterned paper and cardstock - and changed my mind. Pulled out some more cardstock and patterned paper, and changed my mind again. In the end, I chose this cardstock - cos I love the colour - (marigold morning, which of course, you cannot buy anymore from a SU demo) and thought the paper went well with it. Then I thought - rightly or wrongly - that yeah, some of the colours in the paper matched some of umbrellas in the ribbon. You may want to squint and tilt your head on the correct angle and imagine they go, but they do! :)
What do ya think.....

Don't know why I put the buttons there though - colour wise, good match, but really - what was I thinking??? flowers, umbrellas, squares, scallop circles....and then I put it out there for all to see!

anyway - feel free to comment - tell me truely that yeah, I wasn't thinking!


PS - any SU demos out there who have half a pack of marigold morning they wish to sell, feel free to send me a email..... :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I made these two cards a few months ago - I love the gerbra flower stamp (by TAC), I think it one of the nicest flower stamps I own, and it's a great size for card fronts.
The first card used SU cardstock, ink and some ribbon, the buckle is from making memories. I used a small slot punch to make a hole in the fold/crease of the card to thread the ribbon through. At times, I wonder how other crafters use/attach ribbons to cards - whether they snip the ends and have the raw edges on the card fronts, or wrap around the card like I have, or just under a mat on the front with the ends tucked under. I have tried all 3 ways - and more - but don't know which way I prefer!
The second card again used some old SU patterned paper, cardstock and ink, but TAC stamps for the text and of course, the flower. I raised the image on some pop dots, and used a small circle punch and made the 'ticket corner' look. The brads are just some I had kicking around in my stash.

Both the gerbra flowers were coloured in with my faber-castell pencils. I do like them, don't know if I should get a larger set with more colours to play with, or save my pennies and buy some 'real' pencils from a art store (or maybe.....some copics!)

I didn't have time to sit and make anything today - I went down to my room - my desk was really, really messy so I tidied it and put things away....and got soooo sidetracked that I ran out of time to make anything! I might try during the week now that all winter sports practices have finished and the kids have nothing else on (yay!) I have all these ideas churning around in my head, I just need to put them on paper...fingers crossed.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This morning I made my lunch to have at work.
This is a momentous occassion. I usually not have lunch, or, will purchase a salad roll from the bakery. But, there was a fresh roll left over, a slice of roast beef left (from making 5 other lunches!), I even opened a new block of cheese, and sliced some fresh crunchy cucumber.
When I got to work, I put the roll in the fridge.
At lunch time, I made myself yet another cup of coffee (probably my 3rd or 4th cup) and went to the fridge to get my roll.
Today was the day someone decided to clean out the fridge!! And threw my lunch in the bin!!

However, when I got home from work, there was a little parcel for me from Canada in my letterbox!
Lookie what I won....

some Christmas charms, Christmas ribbons, Christmas papers, flowers, buttons, felt embellies, prima flowers, snowman embellies, xmas stocking embellies and a little cupcake stamp set

One of the blogs I visit regularly - Kelly - was giving away some blog candy - AND I WON! Totally made my day when she announced I won, and again it made my day when I received it  - after someone throwing away my lunch!
Make sure you check out Kelly's blog - - have a look around, and post a comment or two. (It's where i'm heading off to now.....) And again, I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to Kelly!


Monday, October 12, 2009

So yesterday, I started out inspired and full of enthusiasm to make a card, and what do ya know - I make the same ole design....boring! I think it needs something but, what???

I even used the same sentiment inside the card as previously, however, I do think it suits!

cardstock is SU - whisper white and brocade blue, paper is Provocraft (baby shower), image is SU rainy days, sentiment is TAC, ink is SU going grey and brocade blue. Coloured in with my coloured pencils

After making the card, I had a lookie at something I started a couple of months ago - a little recipe album for one of my nieces for Christmas. I had some Teresa Collins paper that really appealed to me, and I feel red always looks effective on black & white. It's still not finished - I need to dig out my bind-it-all and do the binding. (So we have to 'pretend' its bound so you can get an overall image of what is should look like...)

Hindsight being what it is, I should have used a deep green to go with the colours already in the paper - I will next time. Next time, I will also NOT use my old creative memories alpha stickers, but something a bit more modern/stylie looking, and mat the front 'RECIPE' so it doesn't look lost/floating in mid air. The next mini album will be better....promise.
I do like the size though - the BIA covers fitted index cards I got from Warehouse Stationery - I did have to cut some plain white cardstock for the tabbed pages - they only had lined.
Its a great size for lots of things - mini albums, autograph books, recipe books, doodle books, and the like.

Anyway, that's all from me tonite. Again, feel free to post all constructive criticism - please!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Yesterday was World Card Making Day. So, I did a scrapbook page.
Today, I mad a card - waaaay different from my usual style!
I found this blog, - she is a Close To My Heart demonstrator, but has some great cards on there. I totally did the Picket Fence Card from her July 08 post - for some reason it appealed to me.
I left it blank inside, cos I don't know what I will use it for - birthday/thinking of you/thanks etc
Here is my version:

I used some SU cardstock and ink, and a Hero Arts stamp (row of flowers) and coloured it in with my good ol' pencils...maybe Santa will bring me some Copics (hint, hint) The brads are just a couple of ones I had in my stash
I do hope the CTMH comes to New Zealand, Stampin Up! did, so maybe they could too!
If you do check out Deneen's blog, make sure you look at the photos she posted of the hand art - there are some truly talented, creative, imaginative people out there!

Well, that's all from me today - hope you like the card. Feel free to comment


Thursday, October 1, 2009

I updated my photo!
I don't normally have my photo taken - as a rule, I'm the one behind the camera.
However, I have the 'meanest' boss ever, and he thought it was time I got my business card, so he took this photo in the office. Turned out quite well really (at least, I don't have half a horse growing out of my head like the other photo that hubby took!)
What do ya think???

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Did ya miss me?? Last weekend was soooooo busy - sports, birthdays (not mine!), and my middle son was in the Battle of Britain parade - 69th - at the Auckland museum with his ATC squadron.
So, I actually had no time to myself to play or create.

This weekend, however, I had to make a sympathy card - and they are not much fun to make. I wanted it simple and not fussy, but not 'heavy' either IYKWIM
This is what I made, and it is a direct copy off someone else, but for the life of me I cannot remember. I was surfing blogs one day, many months ago and I saw this card. The 'creator' used the Bird Call cuttlebug embossing folder, and just a simple text up the top. I would love to post who it was, a name or a link to her blog, but I truely cannot remember.

I liked how it came out - simple, but classy, not fussy.
The card is actually made for a guy whose wife is terminal and does not have much time left. I know, that when we do hear of her passing, I will not want to make a card there and then, so I made it now. (I actually made 2 of them, just different colours)

Both cards use the cuttlebug embossing folder - Bird Call
Both cards use SU stamps, cardstock & ink - Old Olive, Not Quite Navy and Very Vanilla.

After making these, I felt the need to make something a little bit happier & cheerful, and as today was the start of daylight savings (yay!) I used for the first time - Whiff of Joy - Willow (I think.)

I coloured her in, using my usual coloured pencils, and then looked through my patterned paper stash for something to match. I probably should have looked at paper first, then coloured! I actually got this paper from a craft magazine - it was the freebie giveaway. Bit I like it! And then, ever betterer, I found a paper flower that actually matched - go figure! I used some little Kaiser bling in the middle for a bit of oomph. I like the way she turned out.

Well, thats all for tonight.
Would love to know what you think of the cards....


Sunday, September 13, 2009

I didn't get a chance to sit and play today - I did something even betterer....

Megan, at Betterscrapbooking occassionally has a See It!! Try It!! afternoon, where she has new tools that she demos and we get to play with! In the past, she has done demos on the Bind-it-all, Crop-a-dile, and the Making Memories slice machine. A great way to see things in action before outlaying the funds for the bigger, major scrapbooking necessities. And, another way to tempt me into spending my husband's hard earned money!

Today, we made these....

Little purses with folded pockets in.
Been there, done that you say.... but if you look closer.....

 you can see that we used the Making Memories Tag Maker AND the Imaginisce I-Top tool - very cool!

This is the first time I have used both tools, and, for the record, I am impressed with the I-Top. You can make your own brads, 3 different sizes - and, you don't have to use just paper, you can use felt and fabric as well! The tag maker can make differents sizes and shapes of tags - ovals, hearts, rectangles etc and the frames come in different colours and finishes - silver and glitter included.

Both of these items are available for purchase from Megan (yes, a shameless plug for her)
 I like the fact that Megan has these afternoons - she even throws in a cuppa tea AND homemade cupcakes - and you get to play with cool tools. But, that's not all Megan does - she has her scrap packs as well. A monthly kit she sends out direct to your doorstep with cardstock, paper, embellishments etc and an idea sheet. You don't even need to leave home to spend your husband's hard earned money!

So, while I made a 'purse' for me, Megan whipped up another one for my daughter. Her one (minus the tag) is currently in use by her doll Lissi, and is filled with keys and other treasures that girls and their dolls need!

Check out Megan's place, she has treasures galore - new products, papers & cardstock, embellishments, stamps, and other delights from Making Memories, Bazzill, Imaginisce, WRMK, Doodlebug etc

Well, when I was out playing, hubby was too. So, fresh fish for tea...yum! But, I have found out, that fresh fish does not cook, until next time, luv & kisses


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Last month, I caught up with one of my sister-in-laws - I have 7! She mentioned she saw one of my photos of my punch storage on a trademe thread. I asked her if she saw the other storage - she hadn't. So, this post's for you Betty....

this is my punch storage. It is on a swivel base, so I can spin it round to check out the punches on the other side. I now use all my punches - before, it was out of sight, out of mind. On top of the stand is my smaller punches, and cuttlebug folders and other dies like quickutz.
This is my stamp pad storage. Previously I had all the Stampin Up pads stacked on top of each other - meaning the one I wanted was always on the bottom, and they all toppled over. Now, I just grab the one I want easy peasy. Note all the empty shelves - working on filling it up!
Rob - a cabinet maker my hubby knows, made both of them for me at a very reasonable price.
This is my paper tower for coloured cardstock - mainly bazzil, but the prism cardstock is slowly creeping in. Both ranges of cardstock have texture - and I love it! I keep the paper by ROYGBIV - only cos I couldn't figure out any other way of doing it.
I got the stand in a kitset form from trademe - and hubby laughed when I attempted to assemble it. In the end, he did it for me....cos you know - I'm just a girl when it comes to screwdrivers and stuff.
Anyway, that's it from me.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Well, I made a couple of cards today, although my daughter was hanging off the side of me wanting to help - 'can I stick them down', 'can I put the glue on', 'do you need that piece of paper mum?'
The first card I made was super easy - only used 2x stamps, and it came together quite quickly (gotta love it when that happens!)

I used some lovely Heidi Grace paper I found at Spotlight (the colour hasn't come out that great - in real life it is a pastel teal colour, not blue & not green)
I also used a Heidi Grace lady bird (lady bug?) stamps and pop-dotted them up for a little oomph
 The cardstock used is some stampin up and bazzill, along with some stampin up gingham ribbon.

The text stamp is from an American company - TAC (The Angel Company) "A wittle bug is thinking of you"

The other card I made took a bit longer to make:

I used a House Mouse image, and coloured it in with my good ole coloured pencils, after stamping the image on some vanilla cardstock with brown ink.
I then matted both the image and the patterned paper (don't know the brand) on black cardstock and then onto a bazzil brown for the card base.

The inside is a sticker I found, which I thought was appropiate for the image!

This is the second card I have made - both very similar, but different colours. I know, if something works, use it again. In other words, I am creatively challenged!

Anyway, I hope you like the cards - let me know what you think!