Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Finally, after

4 delightful (?) cherubs,
19 years of Santa visits,
1000’s of tooth fairy visits,

I can say....

This is my daughter, P who is 7yrs old - and the teeth haven't even started to grow back in!

She did however, get nail polish for Christmas from one of her brothers, see...

...she painted my toes for me - one foot in blue, the other foot in purple - only because she wanted to alternise (yes, that is a word - a combination of compromise and alternate, both of what we did!) Didn't she do a lovely, professional job of painting, lol :)
I figure I may have to leave them on for a few more days, before I remove the colours and paint my tootsies in a more becoming colour, suitable for a mum my age!


My new craft room is almost done - it is bigger, has more light, is more organised...so I am half there...so stay tuned for some exciting projects I will be posting.

Until next time,


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last night, it was the end of year crop for the group I usually go at Megans - Better Scrapbooking. So, it was decided, after giving me only 2 days notice, that we would do a gift share between the group.
2 days! That's all the notice I got - Thursday,Megan sent me a email, and Thursday I was at home with a sick child, and NO chance of getting out. So I had to think.

I re-discovered these little gift bags I had purchased a couple of years ago:


Plain white gift bags that I managed to score for only 50c each (ladies, you are worth every penny of that!)
I covered one side in some Christmas paper, although I did have to redo one as I stuck the paper upside down! and used my new SU ornament punch and made some little gift tags - that was easy, I just folded the paper in half, and punched the shape with the paper slightly lower than the fold (does that make sense?)....

....and threaded some gold thread through a small punched hole for attaching to the bag.

I went out on Friday night to the mall and got some handcream, a emery board, a facecloth, and some candy canes - it's not Christmas unless you have a candy cane!  :)
I wrapped some Jingle Bell ribbon around the candy cane...

..and popped it all in the bags...

....6x bags for 6x lovely, creative ladies.

Anyway, until next time


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Well, I'll just sit in my little corner of the world and have a pity party for myself...only 1x person commented on my cards!

Thank you Mandy   :)

I am going to send you my blog candy - please email me your details, and I will send it on its way.

I do apologise for not doing this sooner - I have been sick and haven't been on the computer for awhile!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Silly me, suppose it helps if I post a piccie of the blog candy.....lol!

So, make a comment regarding the cards I posted earlier, head over to Megan's check out the November Card Challenge - and post a comment under anyone else's card, doesn't have to be mine.
You have 2 weeks to do so - before SATURDAY 27 NOVEMBER, and I will draw a random name and the blog candy is yours!

I may even put some more stuff in the winners package. No other restrictions, I will post to the winner - either here in NZ or internationally!

Hiya - long time no talk!
The last couple of months have been super, super busy - it was my 25th wedding anniversary (yes, you read that right - 25th!), and hubby whisked me away to Sydney, Australia for a long weekend without the cherubs :)  That was, after I organised the trip with the travel agent, arranged time off work, arranged Nana to look after the youngest, made sure there was food in the pantry, bribed Doofus to take the 2nd cherub to a shooting competition, checked the passports were current, organised the parking at the airport.....then he was able to 'whisk' me away.
Then, it was blimmin GST return time and no Karen, I didn't leave everything to the last minute this time - close, but not the last minute!
Then, hubby and doofus are building a new 'batcave' for doofus - as mum is moving in....see several posts ago, and yes, Glenna, its getting close to purge time in the scrap room....yes, I will NEED your help, lol!

But, you don't really need to hear about my life, you want to see my cards!  :)

Megan, over at Better Scrapbooking has monthly challenges, and I bit the bullet again, and entered a card. This month it was RIBBONS - more than 1 on your card. Love ribbon. Have heaps of ribbon. Hardly use ribbon - but, I used 5 ribbons, although, I don't think it was quite what Megan had in mind....

I actually like the way the card turned out, it was my first time doing a sky with clouds (using ink and a cloud shaped die), the sun turned out how I imagined in my head, the grass paper fitted well with the overall image. I cannot remember whose image but it is not my finest colouring in, and it was fiddly to cut around the image, and P was trying to help, again
I even did the inside of the card (no ribbon tho')

I had a 2nd idea running around in my head, having seen similar done over the years. It didn't quite turn out how I imagined, but still.....

7 ribbons! yes, that's right - 7

I did mention last post, that I was getting quite a few lookies on my blog (where these lookies are coming from, I have no idea, lol) so I thought I would have some blog candy
So, tell me what you think of the cards, post a comment here, head on to Megan's site, post a comment there under Monthly Card Challenges, (anyone's card, doesn't have to be mine) in the next 2 weeks, and I will draw a random name and the blog candy is all yours!!! Easy peasey!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When I saw the challenge Think Pink on card challenges, I immediately thought of Breast Cancer, October being the breast cancer major advertising and fundraising month 'n all (good cause tho ladies!).

I made this card - as it was my original thought - and thought I would be cheeky enough to post a 2nd card in the challenge.

The card is simple, but the message isn't.

I used Bazzill cardstock, SU ink and stamp, some pink brads I had kicking around, and the paper - I cannot remember whose it is.

The paper is left over from a layout I had done a couple of years ago - a friend, Michelle, who looked after P while I worked, was diagnosed with Breast cancer, and ultimately lost the battle after 2 years. She was younger than me, and left behind 2 children, similar in ages to my boys. It brought home the message, that cancer can choose anyone...

Inside, I used the 'What Cancer Cannot Do' stamp. It reads:
Cancer is so limited...
It cannot cripple love
It cannot shatter Hope
It cannot corrode Faith
It cannot destroy Peace
It cannot kill Friendship
It cannot suppress Memories
It cannot silence Courage
It cannot invade the Soul
It cannot steal Eternal Life
It cannot conquer the Spirit
         (author unknown)

I wish I knew who put out the ribbon paper, and I wish I had purchased more than one sheet - I don't have very much left of it.

The month I found out Michelle had breast cancer, I went to my doctor and spoke to him, and got a referral to the breast clinic. I carried it around in my bag for months.
The day I found out Michelle had died, I went to the clinic and handed in my referral. I got an appointment at the hospital within weeks - a history of breast cancer in my family.
I went to the appointment, and got called back. All clear.
The next year, I got another referral, and again, I went and again, got called back. Again, all clear!

Please ladies, Michelle was in her 30's, it was sad seeing her change over the 2 years, loosing both breasts, going through chemo, loosing her hair, loosing her life.......

off my soapbox now, sorry

Anyway, here is my 2nd challenge...


Monday, October 4, 2010

I did a challenge - yay me!

Whilst on the trademe message board, I found this site: card challenges and I have been watching it for a week or so...working up my courage to show a card or two!
This time its Think Pink!

I got this image years ago, when P was 2 and trying out ballet - a rather short lived venture into ballet I might add! But, I liked this image from TAC and well, it was crying out to be  brought by me, and now, it was crying out to be inked.

So, here is my Think Pink card - what do you think??????

The card stock is from Bazzill as well as the ribbon,  the paper is some that I brought especially for P's dancing layouts (and therefore the name is cut off and this is a small piece left over and I don't know who makes it.) I coloured in the elephant with my coloured pencils. I even used some glitter on her tutu and on the inside.

In regards to my - watch this space! - Keep watching! lol! I got sidetracked - Hubby is building the new room for Doofus to go out into, so have been busy 'helping' him outside!

Anyway, until next time


Monday, September 20, 2010



(may have to do something about this......watch this space!)

Look Mum - look what followed me home!
Can I keep it?

I'll keep it in my room - won't be any problem.
I've called her Nuggets!
Please mum????

At 3.30am - he found out it was a ROOSTER!!!
(I can laugh now, but I wasn't then!)

Anyway, I found time to have a play whilst the weather was blowy, blustery, windy, wet, cold - I snuck off to the end room, which I have to pack up soon!
I had been browsing some blogs, when I saw this idea on Curt's World and I liked it!
I shamelessly copied the cute 'boo' cards - using my October Afternoon stamps I got yonks ago. In reality, I don't 'do' Halloween -but who could resist making cute little monster cards.
I used some random papers from Kaiser, Sassafrass, SU and October Afternoon. Even some provocraft little alpha stickers....
Not as cute as Curt's, but still, I like them!

And, I even got more carried away - I saw a challenge on Penny Black's Saturday Challenge a week or so ago, for Mens/Boys cards, week 118.
Basically you have to use at least 1 Penny Black image - and I thought this image was fitting. It's from a Christmas set - The 12 days of Christmas, and this image is 12 Drummer's Drumming.
I teamed it up with some paper with guitars on it, and called it - You Rock.

But, I made it after the challenge closed - so I couldn't submit it for the challenge. (I wouldn't have anyways, not confident enough in my card making ablities) but still, the thought was there!

I used some Bazzill cardstock I had and some making memories letter charms from years ago. No new product used here - trying to use up my stash at the same time :)

Anyways, off to bed now - I no longer have the rooster keeping me up - no, we didn't keep it!
So hopefully, I will get a full night's sleep!

As always, feel free to post comments, constructive comments that is!


Monday, September 13, 2010

It's been a rough weekend - without going into too much detail, I have to give up my scraproom! I spent Saturday having a pity party for myself, and trying to work out how I can keep it!

Long story short, my mum would like to move in with us. Not too much of a biggie, however, none of the boys want to share a room, and I can't exactly put my mother in with my daughter (only a 63 year gap between them! And mum isn't 'into' Hannah Montana & High School Musical)
So, we decided to build a scraproom on the front yard - just for me!
We drew up the pictures, marked it out on the front yard, redrew some pictures and I sucked it up and said yes, I will move all, and I mean ALL of my stuff out there.

Well Doofus then decided that he would quite enjoy sleeping outside - you know, home away from home! Sneak in at 4am in the morning, and nobody would notice (yeah right!), a man's cave....you get the picture. So, we are going to build a shed, move Doofus outside, clean his room, move the youngest boy D downstairs, clean & paint that room, move my scraproom into there, clean & paint that room, and move my mum in. Phew! All within the next couple of months.

So, I will be moving from a large room to the small room - only big enough for the desk, paper tower, shelving unit and a chair. Might be time to purge.....

So that took up most of Sunday, well that & grocery shopping & visitors, so I only had time to stamp and colour this:

The image is from Stampotique, and is called Prom Queen. I think she is gorgeous! quirky, slightly different, fun, and so not an image I would normally 'go for'.
I coloured her in, and then thought I would have a look on the net and see how other crafters have finished her.....get some inspiration, as I am totally stumped on how to best show her off.

So, off to cruise blog land and splitcoaststampers tonight......wish me luck!

I also just want to add that my pity party is only minor to how the people in Christchurch and surrounding areas are feeling right now after last week's earthquake. My thoughts are with you all, including my friend Ruth and her family. Prayers and positive thoughts going your way.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some time ago, I saw a card on a blog - (for the life of me, cannot remember the blog, or the lady's name), and thought, yeah, I like that. I have that cardstock, I have that stamp, I could easily do that!

Well, I can't lol.   :)

I went and grabbed the stamp, thought nah, I'll change it a bit and grabbed the crocodile stamp instead (from whipper snapper), grabbed the cardstock -Stampin Up Green Galore, Gable Green, Whisper White, grabbed some black paper (another layer of cardstock would make the card heavy) and my trusty coloured pencils.
I also grabbed the stamp - Snappy Birthday from SU (I really love this stamp - only 2x in the set appeal to me. The other is the santa hat!) And, snappy birthday goes with a crocodile, a crab, a turtle....you get the picture?
But, I digress - I stamped and coloured the image. P was hanging off my arm wanting to help me. In the end, I gave her a crocodile to colour in and sent her on her way.......
I thought I would give the card some texture, and used my cuttlebug with the mesh embossing folder (haven't used the bug for a month or so....feeling slightly guilty about that) and ran the cardstock through. I cut the cardstock to size first, as I find that when I emboss, then cut, it never cuts properly, the cardstock tears, and the pattern flattens slightly....or is it only me?

I made the first 2x cards pretty plain, then I thought, why not give the texture some colour. So I smeared the green ink over the card....but then Penny sidetracked me again, and I forgot to use another colour, just to see how it would look. I had planned to use another shade of green, maybe some brown or black - try to make it look crocodilish.

Anyway, I still like the way the cards turned out:

What do you think? All constructive comments gratefully received   :)

Until next time

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yay me!
I won some blog candy a couple of weeks ago - and I stalked the mailman. waiting, waiting, waiting for it to come - from Canada!  (the mail, not the mailman!) Well, he came on Saturday morning - hubby brought in the mail as I had my head in the oven! Cleaning it of course - cos I am a domestic goddess!

This is what my 'happymail' contained:

A lovely mix of patterned paper, a length of ribbon, and a cutie little card with a whipper snapper bee image! Thank you Kelly for making me smile :)

Now I need my 'mojo' back!

I actually went down to my room to create, looked at my desk, and discovered I had no room on my desk to do anything - all my new purchases and goodies just get dumped, placed nicely on my desk, so I spent my time tidying up and putting away stuff, put some items on trademe to sell, and then it was time to make dinner. So another wasted weekend, creatively. And, if you are reading this Glenna, I'm still waiting for you to come over and organise me in my room!

However, this weekend is the monthly crop I go to - 6 hours of uninteruppted scrapping, I should be able to do something exciting - I got over 100 photos printed, including the new round of babies been born - not mine (thank goodness) but to various nieces and nephews. This is the latest baby, taken on the day little Ella-Pearl was born 15th Aug:

This is the first baby for my eldest niece. Isn't Ella beautiful (it is tempting to have another - lol!)

Well, I'd like to think I will have a project to show you on the weekend....stay tuned!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

I just got a camera
I just got a camera
I just got a camera
Wonder how it works....

(sung to the tune of Blues Clues, I just got a letter...lol!)

Yes, it was my birthday the other day, and yes, I was 21 again!, and yes, hubby didn't know what to get me....so I 'let' him go fishing, and he 'let' me buy a camera. Silly man, didn't even give me a guideline for the money I was 'allowed' to spend!

So, off I toddled to the camera shop, walked in, and was promptly overwhelmed! I ended up getting another Canon - this time bigger, stronger, betterer, faster....a Canon EOS 500D.

Now that I have the camera, sports season has ended - for  two of my sons. Both are out with injuiries. Mind you, I have missed the season anyway - along with other important family milestones - like P loosing her 2x front teeth, and the tooth fairy not coming (she must of filed her flight plan for that night, and P was too late!),and the arrival of P's 2 goldfish - much to the cat's delight!

BUT, I did get this:

the car accident happened more or less 3 houses from home, on my way from work, in the company car! My son L was able to come outside with the camera and took photos of my car and the other car (which came of worse) I don't have the company car anymore......  :(

Well, even though I haven't been posting lately, I have still been creating, and checking out all the blogs I enjoy reading - all 155 of them in my favourites, I have helped my friend Megan who ran a stall at a local craft expo - I demo'd the Slice machine and the Irock tool for her, and I even did the tax and got it in to the accountant in a timely manner! And of course, it really goes without saying - I have been spending on new goodies - stamps, paper, tools, paper pads, punches, and I even have my eye on some copics!

Anyway, that's me for now...until next time,

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I know it has been awhile since I posted - still no camera.
However, for those of you who know me, will be surprised at this post.

I have a son. (More than one actually....lol), but L is my eldest son. He is affectionately known as Doofus.
Doofus does things that only a doofus can do. However, he also doesn't do things that most people do - in this case, have his hair cut. It has been 8 years since he got it cut - and only then because it got sooooo matted, he couldn't do anything with it! (an understatement I know!). And yes, I was there with the camera when he got it trimmed!
Doofus loves his hair. He would wash and condition his hair regularly - using all the hot water in the process. He had his hair tied up for both work and sports. But when he was just being Doofus, it was down. I even have photos of girls using hair straightners on him -2hours it took, and his hair was so long, it came half way down his back.
Well, his hair is curly, sorta ringlet-ly, and a talking point - especially with the older ladies (think my mum's age!).

This is Doofus:

(not the greatest of photos I know, but he is smiling - and what more could I ask for?? Photo taken Sept 09)

Anyway, last month - 28-03-10, hubby and I went to his sports game. We had been out all morning, and when we left Doofus was in bed, no surprise!. So, we walked into the stadium, looking around to see if he was there. Couldn't find him anywhere! His coach came up and started talking to us, and asked us if we had seen the new guy yet - looked over, and sure enough a 'new' guy was in Doofus's shirt. Then the new guy turned around:

I must of had a stunned mullet look on my face. I alternated between laughing and crying (still am for that matter). He woke up that morning, decided he had enough and off he went to his mate's place, gave him the scissors and they went to town!
What was funny though - the goalie called him Kojak - and Doofus didn't even know who Kojak is/was!

So my dear friends, something I thought would never happen - happened!

Until next time, when hopefully I will have a camera....

Monday, February 22, 2010

Well, my camera is well and truely stuffed! Need a new one. So...thought I would share something really, really funny with you!
I tend to go
two peas alot - and check out the gallery. I have learnt heaps from there, and I really enjoy everyone's work.
I do enjoy, more, the threads. They have classics - you have to check out:

once when I was pregnant
laughing at inappropiate times
waxed hoo haa

my hubby just rolls his eyes  at me whenever I read these threads, and others, but honestly, if you want tears rolling down your face - then check them out!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well, I have finally uploaded the picture of the card I made my cute little great-nephew for his 1st birthday! My camera has well and truely packed a sad - not only do I have pink lines (alternating between horizontal stripes and waves) but now, it flashes between white and black - sorta a strobe lighting effect. I showed hubby, and he told me to start saving my pennies! Silly man - that is why he is working!

I finally used the goodies from SENZ - October Afternoon, Nitelite. The little big monster on the front is a diecut, and the little teeny monster in the inside, I cut out of the patterned paper. The stamped text is a stamp from Whipper Snapper (appropiate I thought), with the navy and white cardstock from Stampin Up!. I even used a thicker from American Crafts (#1)
I also went into a toy shop for the first time in ages (Christmas actually) and got some trucks for him - it's been a long, long time since buying trucks & diggers - I did feel almost sentimental (or mental) about all my babies being past that stage...or is it because I have several nieces (read 2 and 2 nieces-in-law) who are pregnant, a customer from work who has just had a baby, and a friend who was pregnant (she has now had the baby!).

Anyway, enough of my ramblings.....
will post again real soon, cos I KNOW you missed me!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

hmmm, I think my camera is packing a sad....all photos are turning out with a pink tinge to them. White is pink, blue is a delightful shade of who-know-what, green is still green with a pinkish hue to it.
What I am trying to say is....my birthday card for the 1 year old isn't gonna be posted tonite. I may have to take it into work, take the photo with their camera (good use of work time!) and try to post tomorrow instead. I know, I know - you are all disappointed with me, but it is, people, out of my control!
Try again tomorrow...


Monday, January 18, 2010

Well, I feel totally refreshed from the Christmas/New Year break - NOT!
I worked through, only having the stats off - me being the new girl who only started in June, I thought I would offer to work for the department, and also cover for the receptionist in the main office - she has been really patient and helpful, and did I mention patient with me when I first started, and I thought it was the least I could do. And, for the record, that was my good deed, my thoughtfulness, and my only act of kindness for the rest of 2010.  :)
So, I haven't actually had any holidays yet...and my new manager started at the begining of the month, so I don't think I can abandon her just yet! (is that another act of kindness???)

I have a good friend Janine, who sold and moved into a new house over the last weekend. She did this ONLY because she is 8 months pregnant, it is school holidays, and she has her 2 other children running around, and she does not have enough stress in her life - no other reason! But, I thought it would be nice if someone acknowledged that she has moved so I whipped up this card for her on Sunday afternoon:

I used some American Craft paper, on SU cardstock and ink, the image is from a  Heidi Grace set - the first time it has seen ink I might add!
I added a personal message for her and the family and popped it in the post this morning. It might be her first letter to her new address!

I also made a birthday card for my ahem-greatnephew-ahem who celebrated his 1st birthday earlier this month. I will post that tomorrow after taking a photo. Man, did I stress out on that card - you would think that a birthday card for a boy would be a piece of cake - but no. I alternated between a car theme, dinosaurs, bugs, turtles, planes and monsters. 2 hours later, I finished - and it turned out like nothing I pictured in my head (but does anything I must ask?)

Anyway, its great to be back in blogland.
Until next time....