Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I know you have all been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to see the finished result, so....


Finshed the garland - all 5 gingerbread men, all different, hand drew the faces - not my forte I must add! -

and added a couple of rubons...

...and placed them decorously - is that a word? - in the tree that P decorated.
(my camera is still acting up and there is a dark line running down the side of the photo. Why? I do not know!)

So, another Christmassy thing crossed off my list!  Several more to do though...

Tomorrow night is my work's Christmas function, and everyone drew out names from the hat for their 'secret santa'. Luck of the draw I get the receptionist -yay!, AND the big boss - not so yay.
J, the receptionist was easy - got some handcream, nail file, polish and a lil choccie bar and have wrapped it in a Christmas cracker style - complete with a snap.
A, the boss, was not so easy - but I finally found a coffee mug with 'World's Best Boss'. He'll know its a joke! I did offer to put my resignation in a frame for him - I try to quit at least once a week - and he never accepts it!

If you are interested - Warehouse Stationery have a pre-xmas sale 50% off all Christmas Essentials - wrapping paper, cards, bows etc and I managed to get some wrap, 6m length for $1.00. Yes, $1.00! And, I also managed to get some American Craft xmas ribbon for 50% off, cos after all it is a Christmas Essential! cute little brown ribbon with white gingerbread men on it, white ribbon with happy holidays, and dots!

well, off to make dinner.....beef done in the crockpot, with salad and potatoes - yummmmm.

see ya later alligator

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