Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oopsie - I am so bad! I forgot one other member from the design team for Better Scrapbooking.


Forgive me Tracy, it wasn't intentional!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Well, as mentioned yesterday, I made it onto a Design Team! yay me! (insert happy dance here, lol!)

Better Scrapbooking has a new design team for 2011!
Check out the other members of the team - there are some very talented, creative and clever ladies out there -


Pat or Glenna (depends on the day as to which name she will answer too)




Well, for  my first 'assignment' I was given some papers from Imaginisce - a cute dinosaur range -  Dino Roar, and some Bazzill cardstock (LOVE this stuff!)

Every little boy (and some not so little) wants to be an adventurer and discover dinosaurs, fossills and the such - so they need a book to write down their findings, and draw maps, and dinosaur know what I mean!
So I whipped up such a book - and lookie lookie, there are even dinosaur footprints stomping along on each page and the cover!

Products I used:
Bind-It-All - covers & coils
Dino Roar - rumble & roar
Snag'em stamp - dino print
Versa Mark Ink - pinecone
Prism cardstock - Intense Kiwi
Over the next couple of days, I will upload the other items I made using Dino Roar, and if you pop over to Better Scrapbooking you will see this range of product and other products.


Monday, January 24, 2011

There are some lovely ladies in blog land!
I have had the pleasure of 'meeting' one such lady - Mandy! (and when I say meeting, you know I don't mean face to face, but via blog & email)
In the post, I received a envelope from England - Mandy had made a little notebook, bookmark and a delightful butterfly card - and sent them to me. Well, the notebook and bookmark are for P!
Isn't Mandy creative......

...and aren't I lucky to receive such a thoughtful surprise!
Check out Mandy's blog, and also the challenge blog where I actually 'met' her!

Next post, I am going to share some exciting news....I made it onto a design team! (oops, I just shared the news, lol!) But, I have already done my first 'job' for the team - and I am allowed to show it to you all.....but I will do that tomorrow....


Saturday, January 8, 2011

I often check out another blog - Craft & Create - Challenge #9 was New Beginnings.
Well, off I went to make a calendar for 2011, and the challenge closed before I could finish it! BUT, the new challenge is Just a Note. That I can do, see....

This is (yet another) post it note pad that I have whipped up -
Feeling really clever, I used:
a post-it NOTE pad

musical NOTE paper and,
my JUST A NOTE stamp.

I got this challenge sussed, lol

Check out the blog, post a comment, do your own 'note' challenge, and let us all see it!
I'm off to finish a calendar......


Thursday, January 6, 2011

I have seen secret squirrel notebooks for computer passwords on a few blogs I have recently visited.
Part of me thinks not a great idea, but then, I look at all the random pieces of paper (not so) nicely placed around our computer, and I can see the logic of having a password notebook.

I 'whipped' one up in the weekend, using up some scraps of paper and cardstock, and my trusty Bind-It-All. I even used some really, really old alpha stickers!

(I am not, as you may have noted, 100% computer savvy - it took me ages, and I mean ages to make the little pages in a word document. Then, to copy it another 3x times onto the same piece of paper, and to make it look even - well, that took all the skills I had, and then some.)

Until next time,

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Over at the 2 peas site, they have a thread going - share a organising tip.
Well, there was a tip (several actually) that I really liked - it was simple, practical, achievable (most important of all) and cheap!

Instead of buying different wrapping papers for birthday's, babies, anniversary's, engagements and Christmas etc, a 'pea' suggested plain kraft wrap and a coloured ribbon. It became a 'signature' wrap for that person.Well, that took my fancy, so much so, that when I popped out yesterday to Westcity to buy a couple birthday presents, I brought 2x (large) rolls of ribbon and a roll of kraft paper.
The results:

I needed a tag for the gifts - P helped me with the names, using some old alpha stickers I have - recognise the CM at the back??? - and I pulled out my cupcake punch from Martha Stewart to make a boarder. I must admit, I like this idea!

This is actually only 1 of the many ideas I have picked up from the thread - I am gonna try to implement some more other the tips from there! :)