Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I was in Spotlight on Saturday (BIG mistake!), and saw this cute American Crafts ribbon. So, I had another attempt at making a card with the same image as previously - SU Rainy Days - I tend to stamp 2-3 images, and colour them in at the same time.
I pulled out some patterned paper and cardstock - and changed my mind. Pulled out some more cardstock and patterned paper, and changed my mind again. In the end, I chose this cardstock - cos I love the colour - (marigold morning, which of course, you cannot buy anymore from a SU demo) and thought the paper went well with it. Then I thought - rightly or wrongly - that yeah, some of the colours in the paper matched some of umbrellas in the ribbon. You may want to squint and tilt your head on the correct angle and imagine they go, but they do! :)
What do ya think.....

Don't know why I put the buttons there though - colour wise, good match, but really - what was I thinking??? flowers, umbrellas, squares, scallop circles....and then I put it out there for all to see!

anyway - feel free to comment - tell me truely that yeah, I wasn't thinking!


PS - any SU demos out there who have half a pack of marigold morning they wish to sell, feel free to send me a email..... :)

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