Tuesday, January 19, 2010

hmmm, I think my camera is packing a sad....all photos are turning out with a pink tinge to them. White is pink, blue is a delightful shade of who-know-what, green is still green with a pinkish hue to it.
What I am trying to say is....my birthday card for the 1 year old isn't gonna be posted tonite. I may have to take it into work, take the photo with their camera (good use of work time!) and try to post tomorrow instead. I know, I know - you are all disappointed with me, but it is, people, out of my control!
Try again tomorrow...


Monday, January 18, 2010

Well, I feel totally refreshed from the Christmas/New Year break - NOT!
I worked through, only having the stats off - me being the new girl who only started in June, I thought I would offer to work for the department, and also cover for the receptionist in the main office - she has been really patient and helpful, and did I mention patient with me when I first started, and I thought it was the least I could do. And, for the record, that was my good deed, my thoughtfulness, and my only act of kindness for the rest of 2010.  :)
So, I haven't actually had any holidays yet...and my new manager started at the begining of the month, so I don't think I can abandon her just yet! (is that another act of kindness???)

I have a good friend Janine, who sold and moved into a new house over the last weekend. She did this ONLY because she is 8 months pregnant, it is school holidays, and she has her 2 other children running around, and she does not have enough stress in her life - no other reason! But, I thought it would be nice if someone acknowledged that she has moved so I whipped up this card for her on Sunday afternoon:

I used some American Craft paper, on SU cardstock and ink, the image is from a  Heidi Grace set - the first time it has seen ink I might add!
I added a personal message for her and the family and popped it in the post this morning. It might be her first letter to her new address!

I also made a birthday card for my ahem-greatnephew-ahem who celebrated his 1st birthday earlier this month. I will post that tomorrow after taking a photo. Man, did I stress out on that card - you would think that a birthday card for a boy would be a piece of cake - but no. I alternated between a car theme, dinosaurs, bugs, turtles, planes and monsters. 2 hours later, I finished - and it turned out like nothing I pictured in my head (but does anything I must ask?)

Anyway, its great to be back in blogland.
Until next time....