Monday, January 18, 2010

Well, I feel totally refreshed from the Christmas/New Year break - NOT!
I worked through, only having the stats off - me being the new girl who only started in June, I thought I would offer to work for the department, and also cover for the receptionist in the main office - she has been really patient and helpful, and did I mention patient with me when I first started, and I thought it was the least I could do. And, for the record, that was my good deed, my thoughtfulness, and my only act of kindness for the rest of 2010.  :)
So, I haven't actually had any holidays yet...and my new manager started at the begining of the month, so I don't think I can abandon her just yet! (is that another act of kindness???)

I have a good friend Janine, who sold and moved into a new house over the last weekend. She did this ONLY because she is 8 months pregnant, it is school holidays, and she has her 2 other children running around, and she does not have enough stress in her life - no other reason! But, I thought it would be nice if someone acknowledged that she has moved so I whipped up this card for her on Sunday afternoon:

I used some American Craft paper, on SU cardstock and ink, the image is from a  Heidi Grace set - the first time it has seen ink I might add!
I added a personal message for her and the family and popped it in the post this morning. It might be her first letter to her new address!

I also made a birthday card for my ahem-greatnephew-ahem who celebrated his 1st birthday earlier this month. I will post that tomorrow after taking a photo. Man, did I stress out on that card - you would think that a birthday card for a boy would be a piece of cake - but no. I alternated between a car theme, dinosaurs, bugs, turtles, planes and monsters. 2 hours later, I finished - and it turned out like nothing I pictured in my head (but does anything I must ask?)

Anyway, its great to be back in blogland.
Until next time....



  1. Hi Jamey - we all LOVED the card :-) Thank you so much for taking the time to make and send it to us :-) Sorry I haven't acknowledged it sooner but have been flat out and tired and not had any internet connection until now. Thank you Friend.

  2. Hi Jamey. I like the house card and I hope your camera can be repaired. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.
    Love karen Cheyne

  3. We missed you last night. Love the card, well done and yeah like Karen I hope your camera stops acting up on you. Is it inside shots where the colours are going strange or anywhere?

    Catch up soon
    Megan Kapma