Sunday, August 8, 2010

I just got a camera
I just got a camera
I just got a camera
Wonder how it works....

(sung to the tune of Blues Clues, I just got a!)

Yes, it was my birthday the other day, and yes, I was 21 again!, and yes, hubby didn't know what to get I 'let' him go fishing, and he 'let' me buy a camera. Silly man, didn't even give me a guideline for the money I was 'allowed' to spend!

So, off I toddled to the camera shop, walked in, and was promptly overwhelmed! I ended up getting another Canon - this time bigger, stronger, betterer, faster....a Canon EOS 500D.

Now that I have the camera, sports season has ended - for  two of my sons. Both are out with injuiries. Mind you, I have missed the season anyway - along with other important family milestones - like P loosing her 2x front teeth, and the tooth fairy not coming (she must of filed her flight plan for that night, and P was too late!),and the arrival of P's 2 goldfish - much to the cat's delight!

BUT, I did get this:

the car accident happened more or less 3 houses from home, on my way from work, in the company car! My son L was able to come outside with the camera and took photos of my car and the other car (which came of worse) I don't have the company car anymore......  :(

Well, even though I haven't been posting lately, I have still been creating, and checking out all the blogs I enjoy reading - all 155 of them in my favourites, I have helped my friend Megan who ran a stall at a local craft expo - I demo'd the Slice machine and the Irock tool for her, and I even did the tax and got it in to the accountant in a timely manner! And of course, it really goes without saying - I have been spending on new goodies - stamps, paper, tools, paper pads, punches, and I even have my eye on some copics!

Anyway, that's me for now...until next time,

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  1. I hope you bring some of those supplies with you to the next workshop