Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hiya - long time no talk!
The last couple of months have been super, super busy - it was my 25th wedding anniversary (yes, you read that right - 25th!), and hubby whisked me away to Sydney, Australia for a long weekend without the cherubs :)  That was, after I organised the trip with the travel agent, arranged time off work, arranged Nana to look after the youngest, made sure there was food in the pantry, bribed Doofus to take the 2nd cherub to a shooting competition, checked the passports were current, organised the parking at the airport.....then he was able to 'whisk' me away.
Then, it was blimmin GST return time and no Karen, I didn't leave everything to the last minute this time - close, but not the last minute!
Then, hubby and doofus are building a new 'batcave' for doofus - as mum is moving in....see several posts ago, and yes, Glenna, its getting close to purge time in the scrap room....yes, I will NEED your help, lol!

But, you don't really need to hear about my life, you want to see my cards!  :)

Megan, over at Better Scrapbooking has monthly challenges, and I bit the bullet again, and entered a card. This month it was RIBBONS - more than 1 on your card. Love ribbon. Have heaps of ribbon. Hardly use ribbon - but, I used 5 ribbons, although, I don't think it was quite what Megan had in mind....

I actually like the way the card turned out, it was my first time doing a sky with clouds (using ink and a cloud shaped die), the sun turned out how I imagined in my head, the grass paper fitted well with the overall image. I cannot remember whose image but it is not my finest colouring in, and it was fiddly to cut around the image, and P was trying to help, again
I even did the inside of the card (no ribbon tho')

I had a 2nd idea running around in my head, having seen similar done over the years. It didn't quite turn out how I imagined, but still.....

7 ribbons! yes, that's right - 7

I did mention last post, that I was getting quite a few lookies on my blog (where these lookies are coming from, I have no idea, lol) so I thought I would have some blog candy
So, tell me what you think of the cards, post a comment here, head on to Megan's site, post a comment there under Monthly Card Challenges, (anyone's card, doesn't have to be mine) in the next 2 weeks, and I will draw a random name and the blog candy is all yours!!! Easy peasey!


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  1. Hi Jamey, I really love the way you've used the ribbon on both of your cards...and I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts about your family!

    Hope you had a fantastic time in Sydney.

    take care,