Monday, September 13, 2010

It's been a rough weekend - without going into too much detail, I have to give up my scraproom! I spent Saturday having a pity party for myself, and trying to work out how I can keep it!

Long story short, my mum would like to move in with us. Not too much of a biggie, however, none of the boys want to share a room, and I can't exactly put my mother in with my daughter (only a 63 year gap between them! And mum isn't 'into' Hannah Montana & High School Musical)
So, we decided to build a scraproom on the front yard - just for me!
We drew up the pictures, marked it out on the front yard, redrew some pictures and I sucked it up and said yes, I will move all, and I mean ALL of my stuff out there.

Well Doofus then decided that he would quite enjoy sleeping outside - you know, home away from home! Sneak in at 4am in the morning, and nobody would notice (yeah right!), a man's get the picture. So, we are going to build a shed, move Doofus outside, clean his room, move the youngest boy D downstairs, clean & paint that room, move my scraproom into there, clean & paint that room, and move my mum in. Phew! All within the next couple of months.

So, I will be moving from a large room to the small room - only big enough for the desk, paper tower, shelving unit and a chair. Might be time to purge.....

So that took up most of Sunday, well that & grocery shopping & visitors, so I only had time to stamp and colour this:

The image is from Stampotique, and is called Prom Queen. I think she is gorgeous! quirky, slightly different, fun, and so not an image I would normally 'go for'.
I coloured her in, and then thought I would have a look on the net and see how other crafters have finished her.....get some inspiration, as I am totally stumped on how to best show her off.

So, off to cruise blog land and splitcoaststampers tonight......wish me luck!

I also just want to add that my pity party is only minor to how the people in Christchurch and surrounding areas are feeling right now after last week's earthquake. My thoughts are with you all, including my friend Ruth and her family. Prayers and positive thoughts going your way.


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  1. Let me know when you start moving your scrapbooking supplies i'll bring the "purge"