Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last night, it was the end of year crop for the group I usually go at Megans - Better Scrapbooking. So, it was decided, after giving me only 2 days notice, that we would do a gift share between the group.
2 days! That's all the notice I got - Thursday,Megan sent me a email, and Thursday I was at home with a sick child, and NO chance of getting out. So I had to think.

I re-discovered these little gift bags I had purchased a couple of years ago:


Plain white gift bags that I managed to score for only 50c each (ladies, you are worth every penny of that!)
I covered one side in some Christmas paper, although I did have to redo one as I stuck the paper upside down! and used my new SU ornament punch and made some little gift tags - that was easy, I just folded the paper in half, and punched the shape with the paper slightly lower than the fold (does that make sense?)....

....and threaded some gold thread through a small punched hole for attaching to the bag.

I went out on Friday night to the mall and got some handcream, a emery board, a facecloth, and some candy canes - it's not Christmas unless you have a candy cane!  :)
I wrapped some Jingle Bell ribbon around the candy cane...

..and popped it all in the bags...

....6x bags for 6x lovely, creative ladies.

Anyway, until next time



  1. Wow Jamey, you put together amazing gifts and gift bags in such a short time. I bet the ladies were really pleased with them.


  2. Hi Jamey, me again....I can't find an email link for you, could you email me your email addie via my blog.

    Thank you


  3. what a cheap skate - 50c But really I can talk, my gift was packaged as nicely but my candy cane reindeers looked a tad better than your's...hahahaha!!!. It was a really good night, it was great catch up night. Thanks for making it special everyone.

  4. typo "wasn't" packaged as nicely....

  5. Hi Jamey

    What a fantastic idea to jazz up a plain paper bag. They look great.