Monday, April 25, 2011

Today is ANZAC day, and Easter Monday.

Today, my middle son L (also known as chicken boy!) was to march in the Henderson ANZAC parade - but they called it off due to the rain. So the RSA had a service only, to which I didn't go to.

Here is L in his uniform - he is a volunteer fireman (fireboy?) for the local station. (I like to tease him and say he's playing dress ups, hehe)

This photo is totally spur of the moment - I was sitting in the car, it was raining, he had his hat under his arm, and just plonked it on for the photo,  and, he was grinning!

Last year, he was in the Air Training Corp, and did the dawn parade in the city. This is him:

the one on the right hand side. He stood like that for the entire service, both the 6am and the 10am. I am so proud of him!

Anyway, it's also Easter as we all know, and yes, the Easter bunny (aka me) came, and as usual, left too many eggs.
I made this, just as a little something for the KinderSurprises.

I saved an egg carton, peeled off the label, and cut it down to size for 4 eggs.
I had some Easter paper from a DCWV slab (the only issue I have with that is, Easter in NZ is in the autumn, not the spring as in other parts of the world, so the paper is wrong sorta not quite right), but the green print, actually went with the green carton. I used some SU ribbon cut to length to tie it up. I also grabbed some green ink (Mellow Moss) and inked around the carton edges and paper.

If I was a truly caring creative mummy, I would have spent more than 10 mins on it - I would have painted the carton, inked it, trimmed more suitable paper, and tied it prettily in a bow - not just tied, knotted, called it done!
And I would have purchased a smaller carton of eggs - a 4pack anyways, so that I didn't have the unsightly edges, but 4x eggs just doesn't cut it in my family! Neither does a dozen for that matter....

But, as its raining, hubby is sleeping, the cherubs all have lives and are busy, I'm gonna go and scrap.
Megan had some new products in store, and I grabbed a few of the papers (page 3) so I'm going to go down to the dungeon and play....


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  1. nah I wouldn't have put any more effort into because all that happens is it gets ripped open and thrown away!! They are cute as the way you did them!!