Monday, April 4, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, there was a craft expo at the ASB Stadium - so off I toddled with P in tow to check it out. Well, that was an easy way to spend hubby's hard earned money!
I 'tried' not to spend too much money, but alas, I failed.
I 'tried' hard not to be frivolous in my spending, but alas, I failed.
I 'tried' hard to only buy things that I needed - but, I 'needed' a lot of things :)

One of the many things I needed, was this cute little die from Nellie Snellen. I mean, it goes perfectly with the SU scalloppy punch (I think it does)

So, on Sunday, I whipped out my new (to me) doggie stamp from Magnolia and created this delightful wee card. Yellow, is not one of my favourite colours, or even a go-to colour, but the sun was shining, autumn is coming, so why not have a little bit of sunshine! Actually, in reality, I thought yellow went ok blended with the colouring in of the dog's fur!
This is the finished card:

I like it. I'm actually happy with it - go figure!

Anyway, Desperate Housewifes is on and Wisteria Lane is calling my name....

until next time,


  1. Hi Jamey, your card is lovely, and it sounds as though you had a fabulous time spending hubby's money :o) The Nellie Snellen die certainly does go perfectly with the SU scallop punch. I can see why you 'needed' it lol.

    take care


  2. Aww that die is gorgeous!! I am terrible at spending when i shouldn't too!!
    You make the most adorable cards!!

  3. Thank you Tracy - you make me blush :)

  4. oh nice!!! sounds like you have a great time, i to cant hold back spending hubbys hard earned money

  5. Another lovely card Jamey. You are starting to make me envious with all these punches you have. I might have to start investing in some myself. They do make lovely borders/edges.
    Karen Cheyne.

  6. Hi Jamey, I love your little dog it is so cute and the scallopy puch is awesome.