Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas is coming.....yay!

I found a 'recipe' over at splitcoaststampers for a handmade handcream that took my fancy. Everyone had raved over it, wanted the instructions,  had requests to make it again, and again.
I decided, I could make it too! Only thing is, we don't have a dollar store, wal-mart, or the shops they have, so I had to really look for the ingrediants.
I found them - or variations of the ingrediants.

Whipping out my trusty cake mixer - I whipped me up some handcream:

I caught myself bringing the spoon to my lips a couple of times, just out of habit - lol!
I had to guess the consistancy of the handcream - did I add too much of this, not enough of that - that part was pretty much hit and miss, but.....

this is the finished product (not decorated though!)
I sampled the cream myself - and although the mix is a little bit gloopy, it seemed to work. My hands were softer and smellier :)
I did have to pop out to payless plastics for more containers - I underestimated how many I needed.

I also picked up some more ingrediants to make another batch - hoping that the cream recipients like it.
I now need to make a band to go around the jar, and a little tag for the poem I found for the handcream.

My first guinea pigs trialists are my cropping group I go to every month. We are having a gift exchange - this is part of the gift I am making for them.

anyway, until next time

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