Sunday, March 13, 2011

So, again, it has been awhile since I posted here. I'm sorry
This is where I burst out in a Gary Glitter song - didya miss me, yeah, while I was away, didya hang my picture on the wall! lol

Anyway, last month Megan sent me out the kit with her wanting me to do 'off the page projects'. The pressure, the stress, the fun!
Soooooo, I made this:

and this:

and this:

and this as well:

The last one, I had help doing. P was watching me, and wanting to help. So I grabbed 'my' coloured pencils and asked her to colour in the paper which she did gladly. She did a good job too!

All the papers are from the MM range of papers - Just Chillin', and bazzill cardstock - which I absolutely love! Check out the newsletter from Megan - newletter as there are not just my projects, but projects from the other talented design team. Such a mix of talent and ideas......

I have had a couple of weeks off from scrapping, but am into it again. I have started a card for my friend Janine's little girl who turned 1 in February.  I'm slack, I know, but the thoughts are there - Happy Birthday Alina!



  1. I was really impressed with what you came up with for the kit Jamey!! I especially love the gift bag with the 'Varnished Guitar' paper! Awesome ideas!!

  2. Hi Jamey....welcome back !

    What a fab selection you have here....great use of the papers and some brilliant ideas!


  3. Oh Sweetie!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I just got Megan's newsletter and saw your name mentioned as a DT member - "WOW! I know her" - I thought :-). I don't get on the computer much these days, so missed the announcement. But I LOVE your work - especially that Dino book - Joe would love it as he is still dino mad :-). And yes, Alina is now 13 months - thanks for remembering :-) you are better than most of her aunties (grumble grumble). Well done Jamey - well deserved :-). We really must catch up soon - maybe meet for morning tea soon.
    Janine xx