Thursday, January 6, 2011

I have seen secret squirrel notebooks for computer passwords on a few blogs I have recently visited.
Part of me thinks not a great idea, but then, I look at all the random pieces of paper (not so) nicely placed around our computer, and I can see the logic of having a password notebook.

I 'whipped' one up in the weekend, using up some scraps of paper and cardstock, and my trusty Bind-It-All. I even used some really, really old alpha stickers!

(I am not, as you may have noted, 100% computer savvy - it took me ages, and I mean ages to make the little pages in a word document. Then, to copy it another 3x times onto the same piece of paper, and to make it look even - well, that took all the skills I had, and then some.)

Until next time,

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  1. Hi Jamey, love your little notebook. I know what you mean about having so many little pieces of paper around. I am at 'that' age where I forget things so quickly !

    Our latest theme at Let's Craft and Create is Just a Note if you fancied sharing your notebook with us.

    Take care,