Saturday, August 1, 2009

So, its a pretty cold, wet, wintery day in my little corner of the world....what better thing to do than show off a couple of the cards I have made in the past.

I took some photos with the help of my daughter P, who is only 6. She is a great helper picking up the cards and trying to stand them upright - thus, some of them now have little bends in the corners....never mind.

This template was, and still is, really popular - 'onesies'

The cardstock and ink used is Stampin Up!
The circle punches, both scalloped and plain are Stampin Up!
The swiss dot stamp is also Stampin Up!
The little bee and ladybug stamps are TAC (The Angel Company)

This is a close up of the little stamps:

Anyway, there are exciting ways to spend rainy winter afternoons: SHOPPING!!! especially on the net....

I've 'met' a lovely lady on Trademe, she goes by the user name of pennyblacks. Corina is one of the most friendliest, helpful, patient traders I have come across - she has sourced some Penny Black stamps for me, advised me on some images, and gives really, really good service! What more could you want???

So, in the post last week, I received this little parcel (again, much to my hubby's dismay)

I now, unfortunately, have to wait until I have another day off work before I get to sit and play with them - but it will be worth it! Hopefully, it will be this week.......yeah right!

Well, if you have nothing better to do, check out Corina on trademe....


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  1. Cute stamps Jamey. And the onsie cards are very sweet - I love them no matter how many of them I see. I think they are real classics :-)